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Tropical Mango Smoothie Bowl

Mango Smoothie Bowl // Breakfast, Brunch & Dinner

I know it’s technically only been winter for less than two months, and it has been in the 40s within the past month, but I’m already over winter. My puffy coat has been getting entirely too much use and all I want to do is wear sandals without my toes freezing off and be able to walk outside sans jacket without crying (and having my tears freeze on my face).

Enter the mango smoothie bowl: equal parts frozen, tropical, and delicious, it makes it easier to pretend that I’m basking in the sun on an island instead of stuck in a Chicago winter. The ingredient list is simple and short, you probably have the majority of the components in your fridge right now. It can be put together in a matter of minutes using my favorite kitchen gadget, the immersion blender (more on this later, but if you’re curious, it’s the Breville BSB510XL Control Grip Immersion Blender).

Mango Smoothie Bowl // Breakfast, Brunch & Dinner

I like my smoothies to be fairly thick but it’s hard to drink a thick smoothie so if you want to drink this one, I’d recommend adding some additional liquid. Also can we talk about how fun it is to decorate your food? I used chia seeds, frozen blueberries, and a couple slices of banana because that’s what I had around but the options for toppings are endless. In general, nuts, fruits, and seeds work best. Check out this post if you need some inspiration.

Mango Smoothie Bowl // Breakfast, Brunch & Dinner

Mango Smoothie Bowl

Makes 1 serving

1 banana
1/4 cup greek yogurt (can sub coconut milk)
1 egg (optional but adds protein and a nice texture)
1 cup frozen mango chunks (I like the ones from Trader Joe’s)

1 tsp. chia seeds
banana slices (you can cut these from the banana before you add it to the smoothie)
1/4 cup frozen blueberries

1. Break up the banana into chunks and add it and the egg to the blender (if using an immersion blender, add it to the blending vessel). Blend on a medium speed until mostly smooth.
2. Add the yogurt or coconut milk and blend.
3. Add the mango chunks and blend on a higher speed. This may take a little more effort than it took to blend the other ingredients and don’t worry if there are a few small, unblended chunks of mango.
4. Spoon smoothie into a bowl and arrange toppings. Enjoy!


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  • Lisa

    This looks refreshingly delicious!