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Broth-less Risotto

Broth-less Risotto with Mushrooms and Peas //
This morning I discovered I had half a bag of Arborio rice in my cabinet. After finding half an onion and half a package of mushrooms (that were about three days away from going bad) in the fridge, I decided it was time to make risotto. However, I realized I didn’t have any vegetable broth (which came as no surprise since I rarely ever buy it). I did a quick Google search to see if it’s possible to make risotto subbing water for broth. According to The New York Times, it’s possible as long as you add extra flavor to make up for the flavor you’re losing by skipping the broth.
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Link Love: Vol. 2

Link Love Vol. 2 // Breakfast, Brunch & Dinner

Image via Under Grace

Happy weekend! Sorry about my brief hiatus on Breakfast, Brunch & Dinner, life has been crazy lately. I’m excited to share with you some of my favorite things from around the web:

I discovered this podcast a week or two ago and have since listened to almost all of the episodes. It covers a wide range of interesting topics (include one episode all about cheese and wine).

This must be some kind of food magic, except it actually works. I’ve tried it with green onions and was amazed.

This soup recipe looks delicious and I love anything with a fried egg on top

An interesting article on food photography.

The packaging from this line is beautiful. I’m thinking about ordering their Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist since I’m almost out of my current face mist.

Love this blog I stumbled on.

This has inspired me to wear more lipstick (but not anything as crazy as blue).

Trying out this restaurant for brunch tomorrow. So excited!

Such a cute and creative way to make rainy days more fun.

Food Recipes

Winter Quinoa Bowl with Root Vegetables and Blood Orange

Winter Quinoa Bowl // Breakfast, Brunch & Dinner

Whenever my friend Zelda and I get together to cook dinner, we always have a similar conversation that goes something like this (and almost always results in us making a quinoa bowl):

Me: What are you eating/not eating these days?
Zelda: Anything that’s vegan, gluten free and corn free.
Me: Let’s do something with quinoa and veggies. What veggies do you have?
Zelda: I’ll let you know when I get my farm share later this week.
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Food Tips

How to Prevent Wilted Greens

Have you ever gone to the store, bought a beautiful bag of baby spinach, baby kale, arugula, mesclun, spring mix, etc. only to have it turn into a gross mess of wilted greens three days later? It’s so annoying, especially when you were planning on using the greens for a recipe later in the week and now have to sit and sort through the leaves to find the good ones. Luckily, there’s an easy solution that uses things you most likely already have in your kitchen. Continue Reading

Food Recipes

Tropical Mango Smoothie Bowl

Mango Smoothie Bowl // Breakfast, Brunch & Dinner

I know it’s technically only been winter for less than two months, and it has been in the 40s within the past month, but I’m already over winter. My puffy coat has been getting entirely too much use and all I want to do is wear sandals without my toes freezing off and be able to walk outside sans jacket without crying (and having my tears freeze on my face).

Enter the mango smoothie bowl: equal parts frozen, tropical, and delicious Continue Reading